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Gifty Rewards
Make some easy money or cash doing some easy tasks.
On the “Free Gift Card Rewards” app, you can just complete surveys, installs & test apps that you like, watch some videos to earn points. These reward points can later be redeemed against real cash or gift cards. Make some easy money or cash doing some easy tasks.

Simply download this money making app and start earning right away. While you earn points by testing apps, you can redeem these points for gift cards such as PayPal, Skrill, Bitcoin, Payza. Wherever you are in the world, just download the “Free Gift Card Rewards” app and make some extra cash.

Still looking for reasons to start using the “Free Gift Card Rewards” app to earn real cash? Here are features that make the app different from other earning apps on the store

  • Earn points for daily sign on
  • Complete surveys to earn points
  • Earn reward points for inviting friends
  • Redeem points against multiple gift cards
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The app is available for free! You can start making money online without any investment. So, what are you waiting for? Download the “Free Gift Card Rewards” app now to get started.
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